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Success Simplified: Simple Solutions Measurable Results

My contribution to the book, “Take Command and Love the Life You Live!” , suggests that perhaps we should re-define success for ourselves and take a look at what our culture has taught us. The current cultural definition of success, “I’ll be happy when I have________”, does not have many people winning this game.

In talking with so many clients, and in looking at my own life, my belief is that success is taking command and loving the life we live. Doing so requires us to create our own definition of success and work with specific tools to design a life we truly love.

Success Simplified is available through Pinnacle View. Free shipping available!

Conversations on Success

My contribution to Conversations On Success, featuring Depak Chopra and Mark Victor Hansen, was what I needed to consolidate the discoveries and insights that had been brewing inside me after years of coaching clients and facilaitating workshops for corporations, small businesses, hospitals, and non-profit organizations. There was no doubt in my mind that so many people I met were grappling with the conundrum of feeling (and often not feeling) successful personally and professionally.

Conversations On Success is available through Pinnacle View.

American Spa

Columnist (2005-2008)
Star Recognition; “Supporitng Your Employees Can Help Your Spa Shine Brighter”