Get Inspired By Removing the Blinders in 2014

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“I stop, I listen, I am reminded. I feel empowered by every session.”

“I listen to my Mini several times a week to stay motivated.”
What if you could see what others see in you – – believe what others believe for you?
What if memorial service messages were not reserved for the dead, but a resounding positive message in our daily lives?
Your weekly mini-sessions – your MINI – is birthed from decades of observing workshop participants believing in each others dreams, in an instant, with CERTAINTY, while being blinded by their own.

It comes from hosting a women’s group for 56 consecutive months and the most memorable gathering was when each person was instructed to write down what they loved or appreciated about each member on individual cards. I observed opening of hearts, expansion of hope as their messages were being read. One woman was moving to Montana the following week, had given many of her belongings away, but packed her car with her full heart and those cards close to her side.

We wear blinders. Not intentionally, it’s part of the human condition. And, when we recognize and remove them we will experience this journey more fully. Your MINI will assist you beautifully.

Your MINI includes a weekly focus, guided meditation, your intention for the week, action steps and intuitive reminders to remove the blinders and experience your true self (like others do so readily).

Your new weekly recorded MINI is available each Tues. by noon and only takes 15-20 minutes. Cost: $199 a year (about $16 a month; $4 a week!). Visit our Mini page to sign up. Subscribers will receive their new call-in code upon registration.

Grab your journal, hold on to your hat (& heart). Here we go!
“Thank you Elizabeth. Your work clears me so things happen so fast in my life.”
“I’m amazed every time I listen, it’s exactly what I need to hear – thank you ET!”

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