How Do We Get the Positive Messaging to Stick?

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How Do We Get the Positive Messaging to Stick?

We know that the positive messages elevate us and the critic wears us down.

I’ve had hundreds of clients ask ‘how do I make the negative messages go away?’. The answer, ‘you don’t’. We are human and being hard on our self is part of the package. The good news is — the more we enforce the positive reminders, the softer the voice of the critic.

A quick tip is shifting from our head to our heart –shifting from the critic to compassion. (Thank you Brene Brown.) It’s time to remove our blinders and shift to compassion (our 2014 Guided Meditation MINI sessions focus).

3 steps – SNL (not – Saturday Night Live;) Stop, Notice, Love.
Stop, Notice what you are telling yourself, and shift to Love. It works!

Make is a wonderful day.

And keep those Reminders coming! We all need them.

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