Joy in the Journey

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Joy in the Journey

I recently retuned from a retreat in FL, with a group of wise women.
We talked about the culture in which we live; where we are asked to do more, go faster, be better. And, the missing ingredient…feeling better.

We sat on the beach – stopped – breathed. We gave our self PERMISSION to stop, breathe and ask our self ‘what do I need?’. We did a ‘Miracle walk’: an opportunity to notice the possible discomfort that arises when we actually give our self PERMISSION. We digested the ‘permission’, and released the ‘discomfort’. Joy followed.

How might you incorporate more joy in your JOurneY?

  • When there is ‘no time’; take a walk, be in nature (you will remember your value that lives within).
  • Be aware of the miracles around you in order to remember the miracle that you are.
  • Note that you are deserving…deserving of deep breaths, harmony, God’s amazing Joy.

The Universe is on your side. You are not alone.
Remember your light, your lightness and give yourself permission to incorporate great JOY in your JOurneY.

Shine On!

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