Cheers to an amazing year!

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Cheers to an amazing year!

It’s Monday morning and I got my blog on. Thank you french roast, thank you sunshine. Thank you warm puppy energy.

Somehow when we view life from a different angle – looking at the past, dreaming of the future – it shifts dramatically. Apparently I’m always thinner in the past and wiser in the future. What if embracing this very moment would set me free? Quiet the chatter to truly enJOY? It does. The ‘what if’s get tiny and the ‘how’s’ fall away. My morning mantra is – “I live powerfully in this present moment” – and a smile reaches my cheeks.

What is your mantra – mind instrument – today?

Tomorrow’s MINI session will include the experience of removing the blinders, reminders to live in the palpable, powerful present, and a BONUS…your manta!

Cheers to an amazing year!

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