Elizabeth Trinkaus has been hosting Women’s Wellness Retreats across the globe for over 25 years. She delights in holding space for people to align with who they really are, and let go of the old stories holding them back. Sometimes that looks like a “Who am I?”, sometimes it sounds like “I need to recharge, refuel, and take time just for me.”

Regardless of where you are on your journey, if you’re looking to acquire in-the-moment tools to feel better and fall back in love with your life…you’re in the right place.

Elizabeth’s book, Enough Already! Yes, You Are, was inspired by her retreat participants relentlessly telling her to “please put these life-changing tools in a book so that others can benefit. I feel so much better…happier, more peaceful, empowered. I am enough!”


Retreats With Liz Might Just Be for You If:

You’re not necessarily into retreats.


Trust me, the introvert in me gets this! I design each retreat so there’s plenty of alone time if you need it. You’re given “Permission Slips” (thank you, Brené Brown) at our opening Welcome Reception that allow you to speak up, or not. You’re encouraged to listen to what you need.

Each retreat is thoughtfully designed with a balance of activities: diving deeply in order to let go of “old stories” that are no longer working for you; having some alone time; and enjoying lots of fun time. An old story (chapter 12 in my book) is a narrative we tell ourselves, based on past experiences. Everyone loves the opportunity to write their “new story.” This new story is a positive story we choose to tell ourselves now, in the present moment. Your new story is a true statement based on a combination of your wisdom and new tools. Perhaps it’s time for your new story? If you’re here, it’s likely your time…


I want to but, uhhhhhh, I not sure what it will be like.

Ease with self will happen at lightning speed. How do I know that? It’s happened to all of my participants for over 25 years.


“I was so scared to come to the retreat by myself. By the end, I had made lifelong friendships with incredible women, including myself. I went from WTF to WTB (walk, talk, breathe). The retreat was a beautiful safe place to learn that “I Am Enough,” and I use the tools every day!”



Whether we gather for 5 hours, or 5 days, magic happens. Magic comes in the form of deep breaths, compassion with self, acceptance of self, and experiential knowledge that we are all in this together and we are “enough already.” Struggling falls to the ground, and the voice of the “critic” gets quieter. The “encourager” takes center stage and life looks different. It feels different. And the message from the participants is, “This is what I have wanted to feel for a long time.” Suddenly going faster and doing more in order to be enough isn’t the answer. And there is a new sense of “home.”



We are coming home.

Home to ourselves.

It’s a journey of discarding the old stories and claiming the new.

It’s one that will surely have you arrive…right where you’ve always wanted to be.

Right where you already are. Enough!

—Elizabeth Trinkaus


“This was my first wellness retreat, and I had no idea what to expect! Simply put, it was the best decision I ever made.  It catapulted me into some big life changes and was a huge reminder that I am enough!” 



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Video: Women’s Beach Retreat, Emerald Isle, NC, September 2015

Goddesses Never Age – We All Need A Tribe


Elizabeth is a master of creating a safe environment for self reflection, change and growth. – Nicole, North Carolina

Elizabeth’s retreat recharged my soul, recalibrated my mind, body, and spirit, and cleared away blocks that were holding me back from pure happiness. – Debra, Pennsylvania

Elizabeth created a beautiful space for us to explore and express. I leave each retreat feeling renewed, reenergized, and restored. – Anne, North Carolina

beach retreat viewThings I had been working on changing – for 15 years – manifested at Elizabeth’s retreat in 48 hours. I was able to shift my thinking, choose and believe I could make changes that had seemed impossible before. With Elizabeth’s gift of seasoned tools and support, and the great women present, I made a huge leap. My career path, exercise regime, and dream of helping kids has all come to fruition. – Pam Rivers, Carrboro, NC

I was amazed – 25 years ago – at our first retreat at how quickly people moved from where they were (old stories) to who they are (new stories that are filled with creativity and possibility). Something magical happens when we create some space between what is happening in our lives and align with our true self. It gives us strength, courage and inspiration to do great things in the world!
– Elizabeth Trinkaus, on her first Pinnacle View retreat

Elizabeth has not only facilitated several wonderful programs and retreats for us but has also been a seamless and passionate voice of our organization. I recommend her to you highly.
– Jim Root, CEO and President, Glen Ivy Spa, Corona, CA

Beach Retreat, Topsail Beach, NC Group photo, Topsail Beach retreatRainbow, Topsail Beach Retreat




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